A lei dispiacerebbe se apro la porta?

I would have preferred aprissi, to go with the conditional.


Isn’t it interesting how we’re starting to query grammar, particularly with the fascinating congiuntivo. The more we learn, the more we learn… I’m not sure why, but I’m not sure if apro should be aprissi or not. “Would u mind if I open (present) or opened (past) the door” uhm, difficile. A dopo…

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I am pretty shaky still on il congiuntivo, but I thought it followed il condizionale as a rule only in the past?

Ugh….I’m reviewing this tense this AM doing some grammar exercises and my brain hurts.

My thinking is that the conditional brings in the hypothetical: “what would you do, if I did this?”. But here we have a mixture, like “what would you do if I do this?”. It’s not a big deal, but it’s not consistent.

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I see exactly what you mean @morbrorper. Aprissi seems by far the more correct. I wonder if the use of the present is the equivalent of our “if I open” instead of the more correct “opened”. I’m definitely going with aprissi - if there’s one tense I’d like to get right, it’s this one. A dopo…


@morbrorper :grin: Well done indeed!

A lei dispiace se apro la porta? - correct, but…
A lei dispiacerebbe se aprissi la porta? - correct.

Here we can see the difference in tenses. Confirmed by our ever-helpful madrelingua, Piero. Also as Piero says, here the Congiuntivo is more “regale”, more elegante;-)

Mille grazie morbrorper!