30 sentence limit per day?

When I was not pro I could only do a very limited amount of sentences per day, just 30 and then it was over and I had to wait until the following day. But now I noticed in the leaderboard there are people with 50,000 to 80,000 points this week but they are not pro?? How are they able to do so much with this extreme limit…or was I doing something wrong?


It seems different people get different limitations for not being pro.
Before I paid, I had a 5 second delay after each sentence, but not a total limit per day.
Maybe it also makes a difference whether you create an account via web or via the mobile app.
I don’t know, but I have noticed this before.

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A 5 second delay after each sentence? That doesn’t seem much of a limitation compared with my 30 sentences a day. Although I fail to see how you can possibly get 80,000 points a week with any kind of limitation whatsoever. These people are literally in the top 10…there must be way more to it than that.

I even searched google about this 30 sentence limitation and couldn’t find anything. It seems I’m the only one that had it…

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