Offline mode in pro

I paid for pro to use the offline mode however there is no option to choose what exercise to do like memrise or review your old sentences.

This is probably the last month I subscribe for clozemaster.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Also how is it possible that I get no hints if he is talking about plural you or female/neuter jn russian? I have to do a mistake to find out…


Thanks for subscribing to Pro! Currently only Fast Tracks are downloadable for a number of language pairings. You should see a cloud icon next the Fast Track heading for learning Russian from English when you’re online. Tapping that should download it and make it available offline. Please let me know if you’re not seeing it. Otherwise we’re working on better offline support so that you can download, play, and review everything, aiming to be released within the next 1-2 months. That will also include the color hints for text input like currently exists on the web. Anything else we might add, change, or improve please always feel free to let us know. Thanks again!

What is the colour hint?

What about genders? I can understand about offline mode but if gender is not fixed I’m out.

We have a similar situation in the Polish language, with gender of words. Sometimes you can see what the gender of the cloze word will be by looking at the gender of other words in the sentence. If not, I try the male gender as the default and if the colour hint tells me this is incorrect, I change the gender of the cloze. (The colour hint is accessed in the settings ‘Typing Color Hint: (see if you’re entering the correct answer as you type)’, just change this to ‘Yes’ if you currently have this set as ‘No’. All the best.

P.S. I think this feature may be only available in the web version, I also have the Android app version and I can’t see it in the settings on there.

Can you also tell me why it takes two minutes to upload answers from offline and why the app freezes when all the other apps have no downtime? Also if I go to do something else during the upload it pauses? Are we in 2019?

No support for Italian (learning from Dutch) it seems. I thought this was part of the pro package. Without this I can’t study on the train, and without that paying for pro is a waste of money for me.